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Douglas Campbell Murray Memorial Award

Description: Nominations are accepted from Computer Information Systems students and staff, students need not apply. If you would like to be considered for this award, contact your learning manager.

Criteria: Recipient must be a full-time student enrolled in the CIS program. The recipient will possess leadership and managerial abilities that may include: ability to elicit co-operation from others; willingness to face up to and deal with problems; a realistic assessment of one's self and others; an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses they and their classmates possess; development and maintenance of a positive attitude; ability to communicate effectively; ability to perceive the concepts of others; ability to give and receive constructive criticism;give and follow instructions; justify ideas and concepts. Contact your learning manager for more details on how to nominate a fellow student.

Applies to: Computer Information Systems

Internal or External Amount Deadline Type
internal Approximately $300 November 1 enrolled

Award details subject to change.