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Parks and People Association Environmental Care Entrance Awards

Description: The Parks and People Association Environmental Care Entrance Awards were established by the Parks and People Association of PEI, a non-profit organization that was established to promote awareness, appreciation, and conservation of the National Park and Historic Sites of Prince Edward Island. Two awards of approximately $2,500 each will be available to Canadian (or Canadian permanent residents) students who are accepted into the Wildlife Conservation Technology program or the Environmental Applied Science Technology program and who have demonstrated academic success. Financial need will be a secondary consideration.

Criteria: Students must apply for the awards. Applications are to include a completed Application Form (including the financial information section), and a brief biography. A selection committee appointed by the Registrar will make the selection.

Applies to: Wildlife Conservation Technology, Environmental Applied Science Technology

Internal or External Amount Deadline Type
internal 2X (approximate) $2,500 February 28 entrance

Award details subject to change.