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Gil Purcell Memorial Journalism Scholarship for Aboriginal Canadians

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Description: The Gil Purcell Memorial Journalism for Aboriginal Canadians is offered annually by The Canadian Press. It was established in 1990 and its purpose is to encourage Aboriginal Canadians to enter the field of journalism. The award is in memory of Gillis Purcell, who from 1945-1969, was general manager of The Canadian Press, the national news agency. The award is open to an Aboriginal (status or non-status, Indian, Metis, or Inuit) and is open to both French and English-speaking Aboriginal Canadians.
Contact Person: Marissa D'Mello
Telephone: 416.507.2132
Fax: 416.507.2033
Website: link

Criteria: Student must either be a Canadian, enrolled in a journalism program or actively involved in a volunteer capacity with a student newspaper or broadcast station. The scholarship is open to both French and English-speaking native Canadians. In addition to thse requirements, applicants are strongly encouraged to provide samples of journalism activity they have performed such as news story clippings and/or discs (CD/DVD) containing audio/video news reports. Reference letters from editors or newsroom supervisors are also stronly encouraged. Forms are found at

Applies to: Journalism

Internal or External Amount Deadline Type
external $4,000 November 15 enrolled

Award details subject to change.