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Project Hero Scholarship

Description: Project Hero is a new scholarship program providing financial aid for children of Canadian Forces personnel who have lost their lives while serving in an active mission. Project Hero aims to reach as many post-secondary institutions as possible. Several colleges and institutes have made a commitment to participate and ACCC has agreed to provide all members with the following information about the scholarship program.
Telephone: 1-800-446-5265
Website: link

Criteria: Eligible recipients must be: -a dependent of a member of the Canadian Forces who lost his/her life as a result of being deployed on an international operation -under the age of 26 -accepted as a regular student in a publicly-funded post-secondary institution The eligibility for scholarship support associated with the deceased Canadian Forces member dependant child relationship is to be confirmed through the Children of Deceased Veterans - Education Assistance Act verification process. Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) administers this process and will provide the written confirmation for children of deceased veterans to be used to verify Project Hero eligibility. Applicants are to call VAC at 1-866-522-2122 in order to receive the required confirmation, as well as information concerning additional support services for the children of deceased veterans.

Internal or External Amount Deadline Type
external Not specified n/a entrance

Award details subject to change.